Status Report Planning Phase


17 June 2009
We have just received info from Blue Water Shipping that our stuff arrived in Narsaq yesterday. ETA was originally 9 June 2009, but the ship was delayed due to the sea ice.

We have also had our last project meeting prior to our departure on 27 June 2009. We will write our next bulletin once we have arrived in Greenland.



18 May 2009

Still ahead of schedule! Blue Water Shipping picked up our stuff today. Total shipping costs CIF Narsaq amount to DKK 3,940.00. The brown oblong package in the top right corner of the picture contains our pulks.




10 May 2009

With less than two months to kick-off we are very pleased to note that we are roughly 14 days ahead of schedule with our preparations.

Blue Water Shipping will collect our stuff on 25 May 2009 and everything is packed on a Euro pallet and ready to go. We are shipping 1.6 m3 and the whole lot weighs around 200 kilos.

We have taken out the obligatory search and rescue Insurance and DPC (Danish Polar Centre) has acknowledged receipt of the insurance certificate. P.J. Hayman (UK) charged us DKK 3,000.00 per person for 35 days cover and that is quite reasonable in comparison to e.g. If Insurance, who once quoted us DKK 7,000.00 per person. Shop around - it pays!

Some new bits and bobs have been purchased and the rest of our stuff has been checked, tuned and tweeked.

The creature with the red helmet is not the Abominable Snowman suddenly conscious about personal safety but none other than Sverri. The helmet is fitted with an intercom so that we can communicate while kiting. In foul weather, and at high speed, being able to communicate in order not to get separated is a must.

The furry stick-on-ears do not serve any practical purpose as such. However, we are thinking of modifying them so they can be used to enhance radio reception.






27 February 2009

Vasa Loppet Öppet Spår 2009 - We did it!

At 06:45 in the morning on 22 February 2009 we are ready to go. 90 kilometres of ground lies between us in Sälen and the finish line in Mora. On the photo we are still smiling. Ninety kilometres later our confident smiles have changed into smiles of jubilation but also relief.

The journey was was quite an ordeal as the weather was pretty bad most of the day with lots of new snow. Anyway, we have obviously not become too soft for our own good and we are looking forward to going to Greenland.









1 February 2009


Today we managed to send email via Iridium's Direct Internet service from an HP iPAQ sw6915 smartphone running Windows mobile 5.0. We used a Motorola 9505A Iridium satellite telephone as a modem and a Gmail mail account.

The iPAQ sw6915 is a pretty nifty piece of kit, as it is practically an all-in-one device. You get a Quad-band GSM mobile phone, GPS, GPRS/EDGE, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, camera, mp3 player, as well as all the various programs that come with a PDA.It is not the latest model from HP (it's probably 2-3 years old now), but it still does the job.

The total package weighs approximately 600 grams and consists of an iPAQ smartphone, serial cable, Motorola 9505A Iridium satellite telephone fitted with a data kit (the square block at the bottom of the phone). This is the communication package we will be using on the expedition.

If you click this link, you will find an excellent guide explaining how to set it up








24 January 2009

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