Photos from Arctic Kite Tour 2007

An artists impression of a winter landscape in Greenland. The artist is Sverri's mother

Sverri fitting Naxo randone binding

Looks all right

Cutting off all excess wrapping

It does not all go to Greenland. There is a fair amount of rubbish in Flemmings basement

Ready to mix 35 portions of breakfast

Even the best equipment may have to be modified

Our equipment is on its way

Next stop Greve, then Ålborg and finally Narsaq

Target practice prior to departure. The rifle is a stainless Tikka cal. 30-06

Aim and fire

If you have to shoot (hopefully you'll never have to) - aim for these zones

Polar bear distribution in Greenland

Sverri testing a Libre 6.8 square metre kite in 8 m/second wind

No worries mate! The helo to Narsaq is in four hours.

Helgi's place in Narsarsuaq

Unpacking our stuff

Wating for our boat ride

Boats returning to Narsaq after having unloaded us and our stuff

Admiring the scenery

This is where we are not going to make our ascend

Hard work shifting our stuff

Testing for crevasses before putting up the tent

Camping in ideal conditions

Lovely, no noisy neighbours for hundreds of miles

That's more like it. This is the Greenland we know

Exposing your private parts to the breeze can be rather unpleasant. This socalled "shit-pit" works well even in stormy conditions

Nunataks in the west

Nighttime on the ice cap

We built an igloo.

A fine day for a walk. Sadly there was no wind

10 miles east of point 660 near Kangerlussuaq

Soon we will make landfall

For the first time in 4 weeks we put up our tent on terra firma

Where we came from

Scenery on the edge of the ice cap (point 660)

Follow the moraine and make a left. This is the start of the "normal route" when crossing the Inland Ice from west to east

Please don't litter. Real expedition people bring out their rubbish