Photos from Arctic Kite Tour 2001

Cutting out a block of snow

The snow wall takes the brunt of the wind

The US air force abandoned DYE-2 in August 1988

Our tent was dwarfed by the huge structure of DYE-2

The inside is a mess

More mess

Looking forward to a good night's sleep

At last the wind was blowing from the right direction

Flemming resting his dogs

Sverri on the move

Almost like Christmas

Another sunny day on the ice cap

Hood up and ready to go

Sverri ordering pizzas. They wouldn't deliver because we did not have a proper address - typical!

Sverri applying sun screen The sun is strong on the Inland Ice

Land ahoy! We've sighted the East coast

Sweet - terra firma ahead

We made it!

Getting off the ice

Sverri walking down one of the busiest streets in Tasilaq during rush hour

It tooks us nearly four hours to build this igloo - our first!