Our sponsors

Equipment Company Comments
Kitelines Libre Libre is one of the leading manufacturers of kites for buggying, dragon boarding and skiing. The products have repeatedly secured contestants winning positions in European and World championships. Libre has kindly supplied us with 58 m sets of kite lines, 350 and 140daN from Ockert.
Satellite Phone Polaris A/S Polaris A/S has lent us a Motorola 9550A Iridium satellite telehone free of charge. This type of satellite telephone is the only functioning telephone in the extreme polar regions as it is using low orbital satellites covering the entire globe.
Serious Food Mountain House When you are out in the wild, food matters! Mountain House produces the most nourishing and best tasting freeze dried foods available on the planet. We purchased 160 pro-packs at a most competetive price.
Logistics Åse and Dirk Warm Sverri's parents have made a financial contribution to help us with our logistics costs.
Satellite tracking Jørn Warm Sverri's brother has sponsered a SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger.
Dental Repair Kit Yvonne Reimer Sverri's dentist has kindly supplied us with a DIY dental repair kit. We should now be able to cope with loose fillings and the occasional extraction of a rotton tooth.
Medical Advise Dr. Bente Sonne Sverri's brother's wife, Bente, has assisted us in putting together the right medical kit for the expedition.

Special thanks to

- Helgi Jonasson, Narsaq
- Hans Jensen, Hotel Qaanaaq
- Anette Steenberg Williams and Elisabeth Manford, Royal Danish Consulate General, New York