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Equipment Company Comments
Kite Libre Libre is one of the leading manufacturers of kites for buggying, dragon boarding and skiing. The products have repeatedly secured contestants winning positions in European and World championships.

We will use their Speedy II kites with 4 lines, sizes 6.8 and 11 sqm. They are extremely well crafted with sewn lines, very strong handles and we have been provided with extremely powerful lines from the company Ockert. We are also evaluating the brand new 12 sqm Pantera Depower Kite from Libre.

This is a serious kite expedition, and we have a good feeling about Libre. The combined quality and design of their kites has proven itself under tough expeditions and kite buggy events. We are going to be fully reliant on our kites on this expedition, and if the kites fail, or if we cannot master them, we will fail. It is that simple!

We have had very helpful support and advice from Libre and Hans Hauser. We have ended up with kites of superior quality in various sizes and we now have kites for practically all wind conditions. This equipment is a key to our success. Now we need to add our strengths and experience, and hope for the perfect storm.

Skis and Boots Fjeld & Fritid Mogens from Fjeld & Fritid gave us a generous discount on K2 skis and Crispi randone boots. We will be using the 2007/08 Coomba extreme all mountain skis. They are massive and the next size up will be water skis.
Satellite Phone Polaris A/S Polaris A/S has lent us a Motorola 9550A Iridium satellite telehone free of charge. This type of satellite telephone is the only functioning telephone in the extreme polar regions as it is using low orbital satellites covering the entire globe.
General Equipment Friluftslageret Friluftslageret supplied us with various equipment and food at a discounted price.
Serious Food Mountain House When you are out in the wild, food matters! Mountain House produces the most nourishing and best tasting freeze dried foods available on the planet. We purchased 102 double packs at a most competetive price.
Video Equipment Langkjær Consulting Lars Langkjær has lent us a decent video camera together with various accessories.
Glacier Rope Åse & Dirk Warm Åse and Dirk have donated two 8mm Beal glacier ropes each 30 meters long.

Special thanks to

- Sørfartsstyrelsen, Lise Horsted
- Helgi Jonasson, Narsaq
- Niklas Norman and Carl Gustav Rye Florence, Norway
- Hans Jensen, Hotel Qaanaaq